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Are you struggling with taking paper-based and face-to-face courses online? Do you have the amount of learner engagement you expected by converting your courses to videos?



Why Does Passivity Of Video Impact Serious Learning and How Can Interactive eLearning Content Address This?

Talking head videos can weigh down a serious learning experience (hampering the learner’s progress in meeting a specific learning outcome).


This challenge becomes even more significant when:




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Empowered Learning is a Canadian training organization focused on developing progressive vocation education programmes and platforms to enable entrepreneurs, employees and young people entering the world of work to participate as fully as possible in the contemporary labour market.

Much of our word concentrates on interpreting emerging digital platforms and building awareness to the innovative approaches available through e-learning and mobile learning (m-learning). Mobile learning is predicted to be the most disruptive game changer offering many advantages to e-learning such as convenience and accessibility.



Stop investing in online training that doesn’t really work.

People want:

Not boring information programs.

We use positive engagement strategies to motivate your learners to take action.




Skills & Expertise

Empowered Learning Consultancy specializes in online learning and ecommerce training. The company regularly undertakes assignments involving both local and regional development programs, SME coaching, and training solutions. In recent years, we have developed a specialism in digital learning platforms, providing a broad range of modern learning services to the global marketplace, As part of our quest for innovation and effective adult learning, we focus on creating interactive, learner-led educational resources.

Specific Experience

We assist you through the entire process of conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping, development, and deployment. Our E-Learning software development services encompasses online exams, scheduling, training, CMS, code practice, statistics and customized reports etc.

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