This buffet-style learning site attracts people who want to improve themselves and their business skills. We plan out an educational roadmap to start a business, so that people will know where to go next inside the site after they complete their initial goal.

Why I chose this delivery model: In our busy modern world: there aren’t a lot of places where you can get individual attention from someone with a lot of expertise… at least, not without breaking the bank. This This type of online delivery model offers the best of both worlds. There are DIY resources, plus expert help when needed.

We decided the frequency and depth of access we’d be offering to our coaches, whether that’s a monthly coaching call, weekly office hours, or something else. We also offer coaching via forums or written communication, but the most important thing is deciding on our boundaries for when we plan to actively coach versus when we’ll be “offline”. Sticking to certain pre-scheduled hours of operation or coaching sessions is a powerful way to focus our time and energy where we need it the most. We can use any number of tools to host our coaching sessions live: Zoom, Instant Teleseminar, Webinar Jam, Crowdcast, Facebook Live, and anything in between. We record our sessions, and then upload our videos or audio to a site like Vimeo, then embed the recordings inside our members area for those who missed the live session. We also offer private, one-off homework reviews and accountability.

Insight & Learning Question(s) Answered : How do you design training and other workforce enablement programs to support transitions from skilling to sustained outcomes at scale? What combination of training, mentoring, experiential learning, apprenticeships, networ king etc. will have the greatest impact on entrepreneurship outcomes? How does this change with context (e.g. geography)? What role do perceived opportunities and capabilities play in youth entrepreneurial activities ?


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February 2, 2018

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